Make Your Event Tables Striking with Magnificent Table Linen

We know that you are already envisaging how wonderful this Thanksgiving dinner is going to be. But, before you go and have the scrumptious dinner, make sure that your table top looks stunning. Before even you could imagine, it will make your event truly extraordinary. When it comes to choosing a theme for your tables, there is no end to the diversity. There are different kinds of tablecloths and table linen be it for casual look or fun look, or erudite look, for that matter. This article contains various ideas for your table decoration on this Thanksgiving.

Printed Medallion Pattern

To add a modern touch to your traditional palette, use the medallion patterned cotton table linen. What it packs with itself is cost-effectiveness and a completely casual and worldwide-admired look. No matter what kinds of personalities your guests hold, this table linen is perfect to say thanks to all.

Introduce a Runner

Make the table linen more elegant and chic by adding a table runner to it that compliments it too. For an instance, a cotton-linen table runner carrying leaves in light watercolors will go best with orange or yellow or yellowish-brown table linen. Also, this is a perfect idea for the fall season as it shows its suppler side.

Floral Prints

Maybe the fall’s rich colors do not go with the sunny ambience of your home. In this case, you have the option of choosing a cool type of table runner. So, choose a floral theme that is accompanied by an abstract edge. Keep orange and yellow kind of colors as your preference. These make the environment so fresh and adorned, as well as add some versatility to the event on the whole.

Matching Napkins or Contrasting Ones

Go for napkins that contrast the table linen while introducing some candles, pumpkins, and autumn leaves to the table. Apart from the same, choose dishes in Earth tone so it gives a purely natural look that warmly welcomes your guests. This is not the end to the table decoration for your event. You can go as far as your creative bent allows you to. For an instance, you may choose different colors for different tables. Or, decorate different tables with different kinds of dishes.


Maintain the warmth of the table and add to its beauty as well by adding beautiful placemats. This works especially if you don’t want to use a table runner or table linen to decorate the tables. Besides, add a centrepiece, and some candles for a final touch. Some seasonal flowers will act as icing on the cake.

And Finally, the Food

Choose among turkey, carrots, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, stuffing, wine, and pumpkin pie. The list is endless.

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